You Are the Key: Turning Imperfections into Purpose

You Are the Key: Turning Imperfections into Purpose

The Giving Keys

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For anyone who feels less-than about your work, worth, body, or the life you're building, find here an incredible hope: you don't have to have it all together to "qualify" for your life's calling.

Just ask Caitlin Crosby - the former Hollywood talent who didn't finish college, never got an MBA, and wasn't supposed to become a CEO, yet that's exactly what she did (even if being a new mother means she forgets to brush her teeth sometimes before heading to the office).

In You Are The Key, the founder of the give-back brand The Giving Keys takes us on her rollercoaster of a ride through the emotions of the jungle that comes with young womanhood, the health problems that haunted her, the aspiring Hollywood career that re-launched and failed multiple times alongside her recording artists career to the one moment she saw 2 people in the rain that called her soul to help them.

Why We Recommend This Book

So. Many. Reasons.  Apart from the amazing jewelry brand and the concept of paying it forward by passing on the Keys with words like Courage, Brave, Love engraved that another could need at that time, employing those transitioning from homelessness in LA gives them a better chance of getting back on their feet.  Caitlin has weaved the social impact she wanted to make so deeply into her brand and business that it has cost her more than the budget allowed (several times), caused unsurmountable different HR juggling acts to balance and at one point in the journey, she thought it was going to cost her life.

Great gift idea for the budding world-changer, the ethical fashionista the boss babe or really every woman I know, would love this, they need the message in the book.

How You Can Amplify The Impact gives you 2 options to buy this book and Give Back!! 

  1. Amazon US or AUS which we will donate 50% of any commissions for qualifying purchases to our current Feature Charity
  2. BetterWorld Books who donate a book to someone in need to promote literacy in the world.

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