A Purposeful Kids Gift

If you're a Mumma like me, you're somehow in charge of sourcing alls the kids friends gifts alls. the. time.

It can be stressful to balance the 'what does the kid want' Vs ' what do the parents want' Vs 'CBF thinking about this'..... and still be expected to rock up with a carbon neutral, vegan, nut free, gluten free, keto friendly gift. No probs, I'm free between 1am and 2.30am I'll just nip to Target and organize the whole gift situation.....

I'll let you in on a lil secret of mine - I have a cupboard full of unisex, un-offensive kids gifts so that every week when you find an invitation all crumpled up in your kids school bag the night before the party - yo mumma, you ready!

for Purpose Kids toolkit is my new favorite secret gifting weapon.

I discovered this new social good kids brand during one of my late night infinite scrolling seshs on kickstarter looking for something awesome to contribute to and I just LURVED the idea - don't we all want our wee ones to turn into 'good' people?

Once the launch campaign was funded I received my Toolkit and a few extra add-ons and was super impressed with the quality of the contents - physically and the activities.

The Giving Book is a treasure trove of amazing fun filled ways to teach and inspire the kidlets to relate kindness and our environment with their kidlet world.  

The stick Puppets are the for Purpose characters that give the kids a face to relate to, they all have a back story and come from all over the world and care about various social causes which makes it easy to find one that your child will respond to - maybe the concept of kids not going to school isn't a problem to them at this age but they love their family pet and so Deepu might be this seasons topic of discussion and save Jojo for another time.





The Kindness Cards with Washable Markers is my favorite - a gift that you can give kids to use their imagination and crafting skills to create a meaningful piece of art as a gift or the pack itself is an awesome gift!

SO what are you gonna do?

Keep up the stressful last-minute shopping or set yourself up
to give the next generation some world-changing gifts!